Why Air Beds Lose Air

losing airIf you’ve been reading some of the reviews on my website, you’ve probably noticed that I take pride in my honesty. I will pass along any negative information that I find about the products I review, and airbeds leaking air while you sleep is a big issue that customers complain about. Here are some reasons why.

First, let’s talk about something you may not want to think about.

User Error

Almost any air mattress that you purchase will come with a list of instructions on how to use it. If you’re not careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely, you may wake up the next morning with nothing but a deflated mattress between you and the hard ground. So it’s in your best interest to follow any instructions that come with your mattress.

And now, here are some of the causes of air loss:

Type of Pump

I’ve talked about both external and internal pumping systems, as you may have noticed. It’s clear to me that air beds that require external pumps are more prone to losing air in the course of a night. This is because the less expensive models often feature valves which are not completely airtight. However, you’ll see that I’ve also reviewed plenty of models that were manufactured with this issue in mind.

For example, check out some of my reviews of Coleman airbeds on this website. Coleman uses patented technology in external pumps that seals the valve instantly when the pump is removed. This system prevents air loss that might otherwise occur before you shut the valve. It also aids in keeping the air inside the mattress overnight.

Deterioration with Use

The more often you use an airbed, the more likely it will be to show signs of wear over a given time. Manufacturers try their very best to use only the most sturdy materials available, but inevitably a mattress will begin to leak at some point. For this reason, it can be hard to find information about warranties for many models of airbed. Still, there are some companies that pride themselves on the durability of their mattresses, and they offer limited warranties on their products. A good example is the pillow-raised air bed from Intex.

Technology is Marching Forward

This problem of overnight air loss is not going to be completely solved any time soon, but some manufacturers are hard at work trying to make it a thing of the past. To learn more about an emerging technology called NeverFlat, check out some of my reviews of Serta and Insta airbeds.