The Best Level of Inflation

The Best Level of Inflation

The Best Level of InflationMany people who are in the market for an airbed forget to consider what inflation level they will need. For this reason, I decided that I should include some information about inflation levels on my website. If you are planning a road or camping trip, you have come to this website because you’d like a bit of comfort and luxury while you are sleeping.

If you plan to use an air mattress as a guest bed, you still need to be aware of how much air the mattress will hold.

Here are some of the factors you should consider, in my opinion:

Are you light or heavy?

You need to take your weight into consideration when you look at how much air a mattress can hold. If you’re buying an airbed for a heavier person, you should find one that can take a lot of air. Not surprisingly, a lighter person will want a mattress that is less inflated. Too little air will leave you sinking into the mattress as soon as you lie down; too much inflation can make you bounce like a rubber ball while you’re trying to sleep.

How fit are you?

Many of my customers through the years have been reluctant to try an air bed because they are no longer all that able-bodied. Maybe at your age, your joints aren’t working like they once did, or you suffer from body aches especially after sleeping.

These concerns should not stop you from sleeping on an airbed. Many manufacturers out there are now taking older or less able-bodied people into consideration when designing their products. One example is beds with multiple options for firmness. To find out more about this topic, just go to my information page about back pain and health benefits.

Where do you plan to use the airbed?

You may not be aware of this, but it’s really important to think about where you’ll be using the bed when you consider the best inflation level.

Is it just going to be used for guests in your home?

Will you be using it for camping?

The important factor is the kind of terrain your bed will be resting on. For rough uneven ground, you will probably need a more highly inflated mattress, whether you are heavy or light. This is not an issue in your home, of course, because your floor is flat. But for sleeping outdoors, this may be an important issue.

And now let’s talk about how manufacturers have addressed the issue of inflation level in order to best serve your needs.

Multiple Choices of Inflation Level

The airbeds that offer this feature cost a bit more, but they eliminate the guesswork from the process of deciding how much air your mattress needs. Looking through this website, you’ll see that I’ve reviewed a small number of carefully selected models that will meet your needs in this area.

There are many airbeds that offer you the choice of inflation level: what they all have in common is that they use built-in pumping systems. Some of these beds include a dial offering three options – firm, medium or plush. These airbeds are suitable for all the scenarios that I’ve discussed above, and that includes the kind of terrain where you’ll be using the bed.