Latex vs Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses

When shopping for a mattress, we want it all – comfort, durability, healthiness, and a reasonable price. Manufacturers have their work cut out for them, but it is possible for them to satisfy all these requirements.

I have a pretty well-known preference for memory foam, because I believe they are the best kind of mattress currently available. But I’m obviously not in a position to make such a decision for anyone else. Many people are interested in latex foam rather than memory foam, so I decided to offer a side-by-side comparison, to let you know the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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  • These have now been available for several decades, dating back to the mid 50s. Harvested from rubber trees, latex is an all-natural product and thus one of the healthiest options on the market.
  • They also get points for durability. Some latex mattresses can last you as long as 15 years, due to the strength of the latex foam itself.
  • If you want your mattress to be firm, latex may be the best choice. Your body will not sink into a latex mattress the way it will with memory foam, although latex does conform to your shape somewhat.
  • The unpleasant odor caused by off-gassing is not going to be a problem if your new mattress is made from (or contains) latex foam.
  • Latex foam mattresses do not produce or hold as much heat as memory foam, though they are not a cool as conventional spring mattresses.


  • You will pay a lot for pure latex. Expect to shell out thousands if you’re looking for the most natural and best quality latex foam mattress.
  • If you’re looking for the most eco-friendly option, latex can be difficult. Manufacturers aren’t always forthcoming with the information about their product’s carbon footprint. If the mattress contains synthetic materials in addition to latex, it doesn’t really live up to the eco-friendly ideal.
  • Latex mattresses can be hard to find in ordinary furniture stores. Because of the natural materials involved, they are not as widely available as other kinds of mattresses. This scarcity drives up the price as well.
  • These mattresses are not designed to offer the kind of orthopedic support that some people require. If you have significant back pain or other aches after sleeping, latex may not be the best choice.

Memory Foam MattressesBest Sellers in Memory Foam Mattresses


  • There are many different memory foam mattresses on the market. More available options make it easier for you to find the mattress that works for you.
  • Memory foam generally costs less because the manufacturing technique is broadly available: thus the mattresses can be produced at a lower cost per unit.
  • These mattresses are made to cradle you as you sleep. If you like a softer, plusher mattress, memory foam may be for you. The 13-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Ultimate Dreams is great for someone who suffers from body pain at night.
  • Memory foam does not transfer motion, so if your partner tosses and turns, you may be able to sleep better.
  • This type of mattress conforms readily to your shape more so than latex. That means a more even distribution of pressure, and less discomfort from pressure points.


  • The materials in memory foam are entirely synthetic. However, manufacturers are getting better at making products that are safe and healthy. A good foam mattress should have a CertiPur-US certificate.
  • Memory foam traps more heat than latex foam, which can be a disadvantage if you have a tendency to feel too warm at night. Again, manufacturers are addressing this by designing mattresses with special gel layers to promote cooling, or with better airflow. Ultimate Dreams offers these features.
  • Off-gassing is an issue with memory foam. You may notice an odor ranging from mild to uncomfortably strong at first. These gases are harmless, but the odor can be unpleasant as the mattress expands and contracts with use. This odor disappears over time.
  • Memory foam is not as durable in the long term as latex. You may have to replace it sooner (although, it is possible to get a memory foam mattress with a warranty for 20 years.)

In the end, you know best what your priorities are when choosing a mattress. Hopefully you are now better informed about the differences between latex and memory foam, and about the many options available.