Best Value Raised Air Bed – Wenzel ‘Sure Grip’ Insta-Bed Review

Wenzel ‘Sure Grip’ Insta-Bed with Built-in Pump
Wenzel ‘Sure Grip’ Insta-Bed with Built-in Pump @Amazon

No Slipping and Sliding

With the kind of work that I do, I run into a lot of different types of personalities. Camping appeals to a really wide variety of ages and backgrounds.

Air mattresses are the one big item I sell to almost all campers. Sleeping bags used to be considered a must-have item for campers, but these days only younger campers are buying them. Mature adults now overwhelmingly choose the comfort of airbeds.

Raised, and Stays Put

One day a couple in my store appeared to be enjoying browsing, so I left them alone for a while. I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation about camping beds. The man said that he didn’t want to sleep too near to the tent floor because of a thin mattress. His wife remarked that she’d had enough of falling asleep at night and wondering what part of their tent she would be in when she woke up. Apparently his fidgeting was causing their airbed to do some traveling at night.

Wenzel ‘Sure Grip’ Insta-Bed with Built-in Pump
Wenzel ‘Sure Grip’ Insta-Bed with Built-in Pump @Amazon

Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Size with Sure Grip Bottom

I decided that this would be a good time to intervene and save them some trouble. I showed them this Insta-Bed from Wenzel.

They didn’t show a lot of interest until I drew their attention to the price. At that point they suddenly wanted to know all about it.

This is what I said to them:


The manufacturers have really given this their attention. This queen-sized air bed, once inflated, is just as tall as a conventional mattress that you might use at home. This was a selling point for the husband, who doesn’t like sleeping right on the floor. The flocked top is comfortable and prevents your bedding from slipping and sliding around (a major annoyance for most people.)

What really sets this model apart from others is the Sure Grip bottom. The grips on the bottom of the mattress don’t get in the way of comfort, but they do prevent the mattress from slipping around the floor as you move around in your sleep. This feature was a big hit with the wife.

Easy to Use

The purchase includes a 120v AC pump that can fully inflate the queen-size mattress in only a few minutes. It takes a little bit longer to deflate, but once it’s deflated, you can store it in the convenient carrying bag that is included.

Other Things to Consider

Wenzel offers a warranty for one year with this bed, which is unusual for this type of product. When you buy this bed, you know it was built to last. Customers who have bought this bed are generally impressed with how well the air bed retains its air, and how comfortable it is for sleeping.

Some people have complained about the bed sinking in the middle. This problem is usually caused by not inflating the bed exactly as directed in the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow the instructions to the letter, and you won’t have this problem. All things considered, the price of this air bed is very reasonable, and I think the couple in this story agreed!

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