Best Raised Queen Air Mattress – Insta-Bed Raised Mattress Review

Insta Bed Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump
Insta Bed Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Tired of always having to pump up your air mattress? Look no further!

My customers have different reasons for wanting to find the best available air bed – not all of them are using it for camping. However different their needs may be, they always have the same complaint: if you use an air mattress regularly, it needs to be constantly topped up with air.

I’ve heard this complaint so many times that I really wanted to be sure to include this review in my site. It’s hard to believe, but there really is an air mattress on the market that doesn’t constantly leak the air that you work so hard to pump into it. You will also be able to say goodbye to inconvenient manual pumps.

Insta Bed Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump
Insta Bed Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump (See it @Amazon)

Insta Raised Air Bed (Queen Size) and Never Flat Pump

This pinnacle of airbed technology is where I always steer my customers when they start to complain about constantly having to fill their air mattress. So far, none of them have complained about my recommendation.

How it Works

The secret is in the pump, which makes use of the most cutting-edge technology currently available. The Never Flat pump uses patented technology and is internal to the bed, so you’ll never have to go searching for the right manual pump (and then get tired legs from using it!) You can set the pump to one of three settings – soft, medium or firm – and the pump does the rest. The three different settings are another reason that just about anybody can be happy using this bed.

You simply plug in the pump, choose a firmness setting, and forget about it. If you want to know how the bed is manufactured to stop leaking, here’s the answer. The mattress contains sensors that continuously monitor the air levels inside the mattress. When the level begins to drop, the pump automatically switches on to replace the lost air. The pump is so quiet that it won’t interfere with your good night’s sleep. Once the mattress has reached the correct firmness (according to the setting you chose), the pump switches off automatically. No need to fear that the mattress will over-inflate!

There’s More!

For sure leakage is a big priority for many customers, but don’t ignore comfort and convenience. This bed comes in twin or queen sizes. The flocked top allows your sheets to stay firmly in position, and standard sheet sizes can be used with whatever model you buy. The queen mattress contains 35 coils, and the twin has 21 coils, allowing the bed to feel like a normal mattress.

Deflating the mattress is easy, just as inflating it is. The bed comes with a storage bag to save on space when it is not in use.


The only real drawback to this bed is that it may cause your guests to wear out their welcome. They’ll be so comfortable that they won’t want to go home!


This bed costs a bit more but that may be worth it to you if you are concerned about quality and the features that the product offers. If you take the time to look on Amazon, you can generally find a good deal though, so check it out.

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