Best Low-Profile Air Bed – AeroBed Extra Bed Review (with Built-In Pump)

AeroBed Extra Bed with Built-In Pump
AeroBed Extra Bed with Built-In Pump @Amazon

Need a New Mattress? How About an Air Bed?

At first I thought this was a pretty crazy idea. And then one day I was chatting to some people I’d never met before at a friend’s party. A couple of us got talking about the kind of work that we do, and trading stories about our lives.

When one guy learned that I’m in the camping outfitting business, he said, “If I’d known you earlier, you would’ve had another customer.” Of course, I assumed that he was a camping enthusiast, but he said no; in fact, he hated the idea of sleeping out of doors. I was more than a bit puzzled.

AeroBed Extra Bed with Built-In Pump
AeroBed Extra Bed with Built-In Pump @Amazon

AeroBed Extra Bed (including Built-In Pump)

My new friend explained that his mattress had finally given out, and that he had more than enough of mattress springs sticking into him while he slept. He had ordered a new mattress, but for some reason (I don’t know why) the order never materialized. Anyway, he decided that he would try an airbed as a temporary measure while he was deciding what kind of permanent mattress to buy. He went out and got an AeroBed Extra Bed.

As it turns out, he likes the air bed so much that in the intervening months he has not bothered to look for a conventional mattress. He is so happy with it that he no longer has any interest in buying a “real” mattress.

Durability and Comfort

The mattress he chose was a “full size,” measuring 74 inches in length and 54 inches in width’ Fully inflated, the mattress is 9 inches in height. This model was the perfect size for the bed base that he already had. The AeroBed Extra Bed is also available in queen and twin sizes, if you’re looking for a different size. The mattress top has a flocked fleece surface for extra comfort.

The mattress has an internal oval coil structure to help the mattress hold its shape and support you while you sleep. Excluding the top, the mattress is made from a heavy-duty PVC material that resists punctures and can be cleaned with a simple wipe from a damp cloth.

Inflation and Deflation

Like most customers, my new friend really didn’t want to have to bother with external pumps for his air mattress. The built-in pump on this AeroBed model is easy to use and only takes about three minutes to inflate the bed completely.

It’s just as easy to deflate the bed, too. This model contains the popular “whoosh” valve that can let all the air out of the mattress in 15 seconds or less! After that, it’s a simple matter to fold it up and store it in the convenient bag that comes with the mattress.

Last but not Least

To top it off, this air bed costs much less money than any conventional mattress that I know of. Check out Amazon to see the amazing deals you can get on this product.

Needless to say, this air bed is also a great choice if you’re in the market for a good camping bed.

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