Best King Air Mattress – SuperbAir Inflatable Air Mattress Review

The SuperbAir Inflatable Air Bed

Is this your first time trying out an Airbed? Take a look at this one!

I noticed something while I was compiling all of these air mattress reviews for my site: I tend to assume that most of my readers have tried air beds before! I don’t want to make anyone feel excluded, and there are plenty of people out there who are new to this kind of bed, so I decided I’d add a review aimed at first-time buyers of air mattresses.

It can be really hard to make a good choice, especially if you are shopping online. All you have to help you are some pictures and some reviews that give you an idea of what other people think of the product. If you take a look at this collection of reviews, you’ll know I make a point of being honest, and giving you the information that you really need.

The SuperbAir Inflatable Air Bed
SuperbAir Inflatable Air Bed @Amazon

SuperbAir Inflatable Air Bed

Why did I choose this bed to tell you about? First of all, it’s available in three sizes: king, queen and twin, so right away it’s suitable for lots of different people and situations.

These are some of the main reasons I like this bed so much:

It’s User-Friendly

If you’ve never bought this kind of bed before, you’ll be especially interested in getting one that’s easy to use. There’s no need to buy a special pump or any other equipment to go with this product. It comes with its own built-in pump. This pump is attached to a control which has two settings: inflate or deflate. It’s that easy.

It takes a minimum of two minutes to inflate the bed, or you can hold the “inflate” button a little longer for a firmer mattress. This quirk has earned the product some customer complaints, but in most cases they were just not aware that you could adjust the firmness this way before they bought the bed. Even though you have to physically hold the button down, this is still a lot less work than finding an external manual pump, not to mention using your muscle power to pump in all of that air!

To deflate the mattress, just hold down the “deflate” button. When all the air is out of the mattress, just roll it up and store it in the carry bag so you can put it away neatly when you’re not using it.


Most people, when they spend money on a product, want to know if it is going to last well. AirCloud has also given its attention to this issue. The mattress is manufactured using K80-PVC, among the strongest (yet also softest) available fabrics. The mattress has a soft velvety finish that is comfortable and practical – you can sponge it down with mild detergent and damp cloth.

Most Importantly…

In case you were worried, I didn’t forget about comfort! Comfort, after all, is the first thing most people think about when they are looking for a bed. This mattress is constructed using internal I-beams that allow even air-flow. This helps avoid bumps and lumps, and it means that the mattress will not lose its shape. Because of the materials used in its manufacture, as well as its structure, the bed does a good job of keeping its air overnight. However, if you’re using it for an extended period, you will have to pump in some additional air occasionally. You can use standard sheet sizes on this bed, so you won’t have to go shopping for customized bedding.

So, if you’re in the market for a new airbed and you want it for more than one purpose (such as putting up overnight guests, going camping, or taking along when you travel) you can’t go wrong with this bed. The price is right, and if you take proper care of it, it will last for a long time.

If you’re trying to save money (and who isn’t?) and don’t think this bed is within your budget, try looking at Amazon to see what kind of deals you can get. If you take a look, you can usually find a good discount, and they also have great customer service!

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