The Best 4 Comforter and Coverlet Sets

Best Comforter Set Overall

I first began researching mattresses because of my own issues with daily back pain and body aches, which I soon realized were caused by sleeping on the wrong mattress. This project grew into the set of articles about mattresses and the whole sleep environment that you can find on this website. This current article might be the only one that you have read in the series, but to me it represents a journey’s end.

Researching and writing about mattresses led me to learn about pillows and comforters as well, and to write reviews on the best of them. Now that I’ve dealt with form and function, it’s time to put the icing on the cake and talk about ambience and style. The aesthetics of your sleeping environment are also important, so I would like to draw attention to some of the best coverlet sets and comforters that are available.
These are some of the comforter and coverlet sets that I like best, and I hope you will agree with me!

Best Overall Comforter Set

Best Comforter Set OverallFor two main reasons, I felt that this set by Cozy Beddings was the best overall. The first reason was the surprisingly good price; the other reason was style.

The biggest and most important feature in a bedroom is obviously the bed itself, so this is where y0u should focus when choosing a coordinated look for the room.

This set is available in 10 colors, so chances are good that almost everyone will find something that they like. Appearances aside, this three-piece set offers good value for the price. It includes a comforter (down alternative), two pillow shams, and a throw blanket (Borrego Sherpa/Berber).

The blanket and comforter are both finished with an antimicrobial treatment to repel allergen-causing microorganisms such as dust mites. Comfort is of course what we all want in a comforter, and this one delivers; it is fully reversible with Sherpa/Berber on one side and polyester super micro-fiber on the reverse. The set comes in three different sizes: King, Queen, and Twin.
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Best Comforter Set – Seven-Piece

Best 7 Piece Comforter SetWith its soft color palette, this set brings a warm aesthetic to your room as well as offering a lot of value for the price (because it includes such a large number of items.) KingLinen’s Provenance Embroidered comforter set is in my opinion the best of its kind currently available.

The white and purple floral print on gray has a delicate color palette that combines with a bold pattern to make something that is neither too dainty nor too busy-looking.

Apart from style, what does this set offer in terms of value? Here is the best part: The machine-washable comforter is filled with 100 percent polyester, and can also go right into your dryer when you wash it. The complete set will make you feel like a real designer when you use it as the focal point of your room. It is available in King and Queen Sizes.
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Best Value for Money – Coverlet Set

Best Value Coverlet SetIf you’re looking for luxury, the Quebec Coverlet by Madison Park will not disappoint you. The very name implies luxury, and the only big surprise will be the price – but that’s in a good way.

The neutral colors of this set can be part of an overall understated look, or you can use them to balance bolder design elements in the bedroom. The finish is Ivory Pre-Wash, and it is embroidered in a subtle pattern. The pillow shams (two are included with the set) have the same color and pattern.

You may not be thrilled to hear that the set is made from polyester, but I promise you that it is soft to the touch, and it works well as a summer substitute for a comforter or as part of a year-round layering approach to bedding.

However you use it, this set adds a classy touch to the overall look of your room, and it is available in both Full/Queen and King sizes.
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Best Overall Coverlet Set

Best Coverlet Set OverallMadison Park is back again, because they offer products that are very affordable but look top-of-the-line. The set includes one coverlet that is not too thick to be used in the summer, three pillows, and two pillow shams. This six-piece set is among the most reasonably-priced sets I have seen.

The Indonesian flavor of the print is reflected in its name – Samara. Beige, green, yellow, taupe, brown and teal blend together beautifully in this design.

The design is repeated on the pillows, with the addition of the finishing details of beading and pleats. The shams and coverlet are both made of brushed polyester for a soft feeling similar to that of the Quebec set.
I highly recommend that you look into this set if you are looking for high quality at a lower price.
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