A List Of Top Mattress Brands

Sleep Innovations

You will have no trouble finding reviews of specific mattresses online, but it’s harder to find reviews, comments or details about the manufacturers that make and sell them. On this website you will find lots of information about which models are the most highly rated, but right now we’d like to turn our attention to the brands or companies themselves.

If you’re trying to sleep better at night, obviously getting the right mattress is a good start. When you think about how many hours a day, every day for years and years that you spend in bed, it becomes clear that you should buy from a respected manufacturer that prioritizes customer satisfaction, quality and safety. Marketing skills and a bit of investment will allow any company to produce and sell a mattress, but all of these mattresses are not equal. Many are not worth the price you pay, and some of them obviously should be avoided. This is why some companies have earned so many negative reviews by verified owners. On this website we steer clear of these companies and do not recommend their models.

When you’re shopping for a mattress you will have certain criteria in mind concerning the type, size and price range, but it can still be difficult to narrow down your choices when so many different brands and models exist in the marketplace. You should also make it one of your requirements to buy from a trusted company. Here is a list of some of the best brands, in alphabetical order:


This US company puts a high priority on keeping the sleep environment healthy. Their VPF foam manufacturing process is the eco-friendliest on the planet. Their plant-based patented Bio-Pur memory foam is a more earth-friendly choice than petroleum-based viscoelastic foam. You’ll see a tag on the mattress certifying that it is 100 percent made in the US, so you know that it complies with strict environmental and manufacturing regulations.

This company truly stands behind its products by offering a 90-day trial period and a warranty for 20 years. Amerisleep’s mattresses are not the cheapest beds available, though they do cost less than most memory foam mattresses from leading companies. But it’s good to know that reviews by verified owners give them a satisfaction rate of 97 percent.


DreamFoam Bedding, an online-only retailer, takes pride in offering excellent customer service. The broad range of products they sell includes gel-infused memory foam as well as dunlop and talalay latex models, which are not available everywhere.

The biggest advantage of DreamFoam is that they allow you to customize your mattress, choosing the level of firmness that you want. DreamFoam is unique in offering this unusual customization option.

DreamFoam mattresses come with options for either 10 or 20 year warranties, as well as a 30-day trial period entitling you to a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.

Dynasty MattressDynasty Mattress

This company has been in business both as wholesale and retail for many years, and recently they’ve started to expand by selling online too. They offer a huge selection of products mostly in the mid-luxury range that almost anyone can buy, including both traditional memory foam and gel foam depending what your budget allows.

This company’s mattresses come with a 20 year warranty, which is pretty standard for this type of product. But their trial period is 120 days long, an impressive length compared to Amerisleep with 90 days and DreamFoam with 30 days.


Reviews of Serta mattress usually are very positive. Not much can be said negatively about this leading brand in the world. They received the Women’s Choice Award in 2020 for America’s most recommended pillow, box spring and mattress. You can certainly rely on Serta if you are looking for a trusted brand; they’re the leading supplier to many hotel chains including Accor, Bellagio, Omni, Choice, Marriott, Hilton and many more.


When it comes to best mattress brand shortlisting, Simmons are often considered heavyweight contenders. Their high end products like Simmons Beautyrest are often compared to mattress from other award winning rivals like Tempur, Serta, and Sealy. They’ve been around for over 140 years, sold over 100 million mattresses worldwide, supply 18 of the top 20 hotel brands. They were the first company to introduce the queen and king size mattress.


This company’s share of the market is growing steadily as they offer mattresses and toppers at very competitive prices. They offer a broad spectrum of product and prices, from a low-priced 5-inch memory foam mattress costing less than 200 dollars right up to a 16 inch natural latex mattress costing 1600 dollars. If you look at some of their products in detail, you will see cutting-edge designs with multiple layers of latex and gel memory foam, combined with bamboo charcoal. These mattresses really are exceptional quality at affordable prices.

Lucid’s generous 25-year warranty period is the lengthiest we’ve seen in our research. This proves that they are confident about their products, which incidentally have a satisfaction rating averaging 4.6 out of 5.

Sleep EZSleep EZ

This company sells mattresses of all kinds including memory foam and innerspring, but they are among the few we’ve included here that have gotten into latex mattresses in a big way. Sleep EZ started in 1976 and continues to flourish, mostly because of their organic premium mattresses made of 100 percent natural latex, sourced by only the most reliable suppliers across the world, including Radium and Latex International.

Sleep InnovationsSleep Innovations

This company’s tag line is “Sleep Better. Be Better.” Their comprehensive research and development has allowed them to design excellent products, pushing this manufacturer into the top ranks in the industry. They offer a small range of models in the 500 to 800 dollar range, all of which appear to be top sellers earning an average satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Sleep Innovations makes more than just mattresses. This brand also produces pillows, mattress toppers, kitchen mats, furniture and utility mats. We think this diversification, and the technology and research behind it, is part of what allows their products to continue improving.


This multinational distributor and manufacturer specializes in viscoelastic memory foam mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers. Its products have won their fair share of awards.

Tempur is the company that was tasked by NASA with developing, researching and manufacturing aircraft seats, using their cutting-edge foam design to improve safety and survivability. They have continued refining their technologies ever since. After a merger with Sealy they became one of the biggest bedding manufacturers in the world, as well as one of the most successful.

This company has set a very high standard for reputation, trust and quality. Tempur mattresses have become a standard that other memory foam mattresses are compared against because they do so well in owner reviews. Tempur-pedic has retail showrooms across the globe with friendly and knowledgeable staff, as well as a big presence online.

On the whole, a Tempur product is a safe bet when it comes to quality and satisfaction. The one disadvantage is that their products are among the most expensive on the market.