The 7 Best Comforters — Budget and Luxury

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We’ve talked a lot about pillows and mattresses in my website, but no information on the subject of sleeping comfort would be complete without some discussion of comforters. Pillows and mattresses are important both for comfort and support, but getting the right comforter will give you a touch of luxury and complete the customization of your sleep environment.

I have put together some short reviews of what I think are the best available comforters in all the important categories. I have included different sizes, weights and price ranges, as well as both goose down and alternative fibers.
First, let’s talk about goose down:

Best Goose Down Comforter OverallBest Overall – Goose Down

With so many options available, it’s not easy to choose which is the best. I ended up going with the 100 percent Egyptian cotton Solid White Goose Down Comforter by Royal Hotel.

I feel that this comforter represents the ultimate in luxury. This comforter offers moderate warmth, and is suitable for year-round use. The Egyptian cotton on the outside has a thread count of 1500 and is hypoallergenic to prevent stuffed-up noses and watery eyes. On the inside, it is solidly stuffed with Siberian white goose down that was harvested by hand. The only drawback to this comforter is that it must be dry cleaned because of the materials it contains.

The baffle box internal design keeps the comforter from moving around while you sleep, and there is a gusset on the sides to maximize warmth. This beautiful pure-white comforter is available in these sizes: Queen, King, Full, and California King.
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Best Value King Goose Down ComforterBest Value – King Size (Goose Down)

If you love the luxurious feeling of a real down comforter but are suffering from sticker-shock, this comforter may be the right one for you. It really is good value for less.

This one gives you most of the same benefits as the first comforter, and also includes 750 + fill power. If you are unfamiliar with this term, it means that the comforter is light weight but contains a large amount of down. It is feather-light (literally!) but also warm.

The other difference is that this comforter has a lower thread count – 1200 thread count instead of 1500. Some people have questioned the sizing on this product, so for the record, the measurement is 106 by 90 inches.

This comforter also makes a good gift because the packaging and presentation are elegant and attractive, including a zippered outer package.

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Best Hypoallergenic Goose Down ComforterBest Hypoallergenic Comforter (Goose Down)

This one is another moderately warm comforter because to my mind, being able to use the product all year is part of what makes it “best”.

At 600 fill power (one of the highest available) this comforter contains 40 ounces of goose down. The leak-proof 100 percent cotton outer cover is a great feature that will make this comforter last longer.

This comforter also features a specially patented design called PermaBaffle, rather than the ordinary box baffle seen in other comforters. This structure helps the filling stay in place, which is especially important because this duvet is machine-washable.

This one comes in a variety of sizes including Full/Queen, King, and Twin. It is also available with Extra Warmth White Down (optional).

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So, those are the best options for goose down duvets and comforters that are currently available. Here are some good choices with alternative fillings:

Best Value Goose Down Alternative ComforterBest Value – Alternative Filling

There is no doubt that alternative comforters are much less expensive than goose down, and you will notice this price difference after even the most cursory research. The Chezmoi comforters are very well priced, which is why I considered them as one of the best values.

Budget is not the only reason to choose alternative comforters. Some people are allergic to down and thus cannot have a goose down comforter on their beds no matter what their budget. This comforter also contains Allergy Free Poly Fiber, making it completely hypoallergenic.

It is pure white and box-stitched to prevent the inside material from shifting around, and also features corner tabs at all four corners to anchor the duvet cover in place. You can throw it in the washing machine as long as you only use the cold setting.
This duvet is available in King and Queen sizes.

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Best All Season Down Alternative ComforterBest Year-Round Comforter — Alternative

I don’t usually give rave reviews because I don’t want to bias my readers too much. But this time I just can’t help myself. The Grand Down All Season Down Alternative Comforter is an affordable choice that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Customers always comment that they love the way it fluffs up so well.

Truly, the biggest drawback is that it will make it even harder for you to get up on a Monday morning. With 100 ounces of fill, this comforter is perfect for people who are allergic to down. It comes only in white, and you can machine wash it as long as you follow the instructions very carefully and use the correct cycle.
This is available in Twin/ Twin XL, Full/Queen, and King. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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Best Warm Down Alternative ComforterBest Warm Comforter – Alternative

We are all different. Some people tend to feel too warm when they sleep, and other just can’t get warm enough. People who always feel cold at night often believe that only down will keep them warm, but some of them can’t use down because of allergies.

If you fit this description, Natural Comfort’s alternative comforter may be for you. It will keep you warm, but it is so fluffy and soft that you won’t feel like it is weighing you down. The material in the filling allows it to have excellent insulating power yet be as light as down.

The filling is secured with a structure of stitched 7-inch boxes, and like the comforter I talked about earlier, it has corner tabs to secure a duvet cover. You can wash it in our machine, and it comes in King, Full, and Queen XL sizes.

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Best Hypoallergenic Down Alternative ComforterBest Hypoallergenic Comforter – Alternative

Most people who choose down alternative do so because they cannot afford down, or because they are allergic to it. Most of us love the feel of down and would choose it if we could. Pinzon has succeeded in making a comforter that feels like down but contains hypoallergenic synthetic fibers only.

PrimaLoft, the patented filling inside this comforter resembles down more closely than anything else that I am aware of. It imitates the light weight, warmth, and fluffiness of real down.

This product also achieves the “loft” that is characteristic of down, due to its ribbon fiber technology that is used. This is among the very best options for customers who need a down alternative hypoallergenic comforter. The manufacture recommends that you machine wash it only. It comes in Full/Queen, King, and Twin sizes.

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