2 Inch ErgoSoft Natural Latex Foam Mattress Topper Review, Queen — Is it the best mattress topper?

2 Inch ErgoSoft Natural Latex Foam Mattress Pad Topper reviews

The American Psychological Association reports that over 60% of adult Americans suffer from sleep problems several times a week. That’s a lot of sleep lost and as we all know, when we lose sleep it has an impact on our mood, job performance, and our overall quality of life. According to a 2021 study from Duke University, one of the greatest contributors to bad sleep is the wrong mattress. The problem is, when it comes to mattresses, we choose when we’re awake and use when we’re asleep.

Transform Your Mattress Into A Perfect Sleeping Surface

Have you ever bought a mattress that turned out to be an expensive mistake? Experts are beginning to question the received wisdom that a hard mattress is the best option for a bad back. Many people have gone the orthopedic ‘super-firm’ route only to find that their back pain is worse than ever. The problem is mattresses are far from cheap and rectifying that mistake can be costly. Alternatively, you may have an old mattress that’s sagging and too soft, which can be even worse.

An ErgoSoft natural latex mattress topper can be a miracle cure. Just a two-inch layer of latex foam can ease a too-firm mattress, giving you an additional layer to sink into. Similarly, that same layer can add support to an old mattress, lifting you up and reducing ‘roll-together’. You can view your topper as ‘fine-tuning’ for a new mattress or a way of breathing new life into an old one. Either way, you’ll find yourself waking refreshed every morning and ready to meet the day.

It’s Like Air Conditioning For Your Bed

If you live in a warm climate or just have hot summers, you’ve known the torture of trying to sleep in the heat. Often we try to compensate with air conditioning, but that isn’t the only answer.ErgoSoft Mattress Topper with Quilted Cotton Cover The point is, air temperature and humidity are not the only factors; very few people realize that their mattress plays a role in regulating their body temperature. A latex topper can help keep that temperature down on those hot nights. The secret is in the network of tiny air chambers in the latex which keep the air flowing and prevent the heat from building up.

This cooling property is one of the big differences between latex toppers and those made from memory foam. Other foam (including the popular memory variety) just don’t breathe like latex. One of the big complaints from people sleeping on a memory foam topper is the retention of heat. What’s more, if you want the perfect breathability, it helps to combine your ErgoSoft latex topper with a cotton quilted cover. Not only does the washable cover protect the topper but the 7 oz. Polyfill stuffing helps wick away body moisture, keeping you cool and dry all night.

100% Green, Natural And Healthy

Are you an eco-warrior? Worry not, ErgoSoft natural latex foam mattress pad toppers are constructed from 100% pure white latex. Many latex toppers and mattresses contain at least some synthetic latex derived from petrochemicals but not ErgoSoft. There is no harm to the environment in the manufacture of these mattress pads. They are created from naturally-occurring materials and are chemical-free.

Natural Latex Mattress Production Process

As for being healthy, natural latex is hypoallergenic. For instance, dust mites – which are a common cause of allergic reactions while sleeping – find the latex to be inhospitable, to say the least. Apart from any other benefits, asthma sufferers will find they have a better night’s sleep on an ErgoSoft latex topper. Furthermore, latex is naturally anti-microbial. All in all, your latex mattress topper automatically gives you a healthier sleeping environment.

High Quality, Low Price2 Inch ErgoSoft Natural Latex Foam Mattress Pad Topper

As we said earlier, replacing a mattress can be an expensive option; Choosing and fitting an ErgoSoft latex topper is automatically more cost-effective. After all, you can’t afford to buy to try too often. If you’re faced with a recent purchase that isn’t panning out or an older mattress that is wearing faster than you thought it would be, a latex topper is a great alternative. Not only is latex better than memory foam, it can be more reasonably priced too.

So, if your budget is restricted or you’re just reluctant to throw good money after bad, look no further. A latex topper is the ideal choice for transforming your sleeping surface. ErgoSoft toppers can often be found with reasonable discounts through online marketplaces such as Amazon. Whatever position you sleep in, whether you’re a back-sleeper, a side-sleeper, even if you lie face down, you can find an ErgoSoft latex topper that will give you the perfect night’s sleep. What’s more, it will be at a price you can afford.Add to Cart

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