12 Mattress Brands That Are Made in America

12 Mattress Brands That Are Made in America

12 Mattress Brands That Are Made in AmericaWe have been trying to furnish our home exclusively with second-hand or US-made products. When it came time to buy a mattress, I did some research about American made mattresses and learned that there are several companies that do their manufacturing in America. Whether you want traditional springs or memory foam and latex mattresses, whether your budget is shoestring or luxury, you’ll find something for you in this list of US-made mattresses.

Casper is one of the newest kids on the block. The panels and covers are sewn in South Carolina and Illinois, while the mattress foam is manufactured in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Tuft and Needle products are sourced, designed and manufactured all in the USA. The foam is manufactured and cut in US, the fabric comes from a source in the Carolinas, and a California factory finishes the mattresses.

Kingsdown is a North Carolina-based mattress company that’s been around for over a century. Some mattresses are still made there, but they’ve got factories now in Oklahoma, California, Virginia and outside of the US too.

The Original Mattress Factory boasts locations in 9 states, and they sell nationwide online. This company makes both pillow top and foam mattresses.

Sealy has three US factories where they manufacture mattresses. This company makes traditional spring mattresses in addition to gel memory foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses.

Saatva Mattresses are manufactured in 12 states and distributed for sale using 35 state fulfillment centers. The spring mattresses use bio-based foam and the covers are made of organic cotton.

Englander mattresses are manufacture at seven American factories. They don’t market their mattresses directly, but you can find them by reading the labels on mattresses in stores.

Cozy Pure latex organic mattresses are made in Norfolk, Virginia. Cozy Pure makes mattress pads and bedding too.

Stearns and Foster manufactures its mattresses in the US.

Sealy has 25 factories in the country which produce foam and innerspring mattresses.

EasyRest adjustable mattresses and beds come from factories in Georgetown and Louisville, Kentucky as well as Nashville, Tennessee.

Thomasville Bedding Company‘s mattresses have been made in Thomasville, Georgia beginning in 1969. This company makes latex and innerspring mattresses in addition to box springs and custom mattresses.