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Therapeutic Deluxe 10 inch with Cool AirFlow HD Memory Foam Mattress with High Quality Visco-Elastic Memory Foam review, DynastyMattress, Queen

We needed a cheap, comfortable mattress – and fast. My father-in-law had just broken his hip. Since he lives alone, we thought it was best if he stayed with us while he recovered. Our dumpy couch barely supported sitting, much less sleeping, and our air mattress was punctured. So we needed to get a decent mattress ASAP. With no mattress stores nearby, the Internet became my best friend. We came across many brands and models, but after reading a bunch of Dynasty memory foam mattress reviews, I found a winner with the Dynasty Mattress Therapeutic Deluxe 10-inch memory foam mattress.

Price – 3/5

Since my father-in-law was only going to stay with us for a few months, we didn’t want to spend that much. Still, we didn’t want to compromise his quality of sleep for price and my husband reasoned that the new mattress could serve as backup for our own. We wound up getting the queen size for $365; reasonably priced, especially considering our future use in the long-run, but still more than I’d have liked to pay. (Check out the price with FREE Shipping @ Amazon)

Delivery & Set-up – 5/5

These may be strange criteria to base any Dynasty memory foam mattress reviews off of, but this was important to us. My father-in-law was getting out of the hospital in a week, so we needed a fast delivery and enough time to air the mattress out (memory foam is notorious for smelling like a chemistry lab). We were pleasantly surprised that the mattress came 4 days after we ordered it, giving us enough time to let it breathe. The odor still lingered when my father in law arrived, but the guy’s used to the scent of moth balls at his place, so I’m sure he didn’t notice.

Mattress Quality – 5/5Construction of Therapeutic Deluxe 10 inch with Cool AirFlow HD Memory Foam Mattress with High Quality Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, DynastyMattress

This mattress hits all the points: it’s anti-mite, anti-allergy, CertiPUR-US certified, and made of high quality visco-elastic memory foam. It even comes with a washable zip cover that protects the mattress from wear and tear. The mattress itself is 10 inches high with four different layers: 3 inches of memory foam on top, two 2-inch layers of Cool AirFlow to prevent heat retention, and 3 inches of high density foam for support. The mattress arrived in perfect condition, and now, after roughly 3 months of use, it’s still looking solid and new.

Comfort – 4/5

Before my father-in-law arrived, my husband and I tested out the mattress. We waited a bit for the foam to adjust to our body heat and soften, but this mattress is FIRM. I can’t say much about how it is to sleep on the mattress itself because my father-in-law is a man of few words. After he went back to his own home he did, however, ask us where we got the mattress because he was considering replacing his. We offered to give it to him, but he said it would give him a reason to visit us more. I’ll take it to mean he liked it. I, personally, would rate the comfort lower.

FREE PillowsExtra Perks – 5/5

This mattress came with two free pillows. Unfortunately, they feel about as firm as the mattress so I’m not sure about their use for the head. But they worked perfectly as abduction pillows for my father-in-law’s legs. The memory foam was great at cushioning his legs and keeping them in place so he wouldn’t shift on his hip. They were also great for his lower back when sitting up in bed. A cool and unexpected perk!

Overall Rating – 4/5

This was a good mattress, considering what we needed it for. My father-in-law seemed to like it and got enough sleep to recover. Still, the other Dynasty memory foam mattress reviews I’ve read were right: this is a very, very firm mattress. Our current mattress has several years to go before we’ll even consider replacing it so until then, this new one is reserved specifically for my father-in-law.Add to Cart


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DynastyMattress – Therapeutic Deluxe 10 inch with Cool AirFlow HD Memory Foam Mattress with High Quality Visco-Elastic Memory Foam review, Queen

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