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Spring vs Memory Foam Mattresses

To be blunt, the only reason that manufacturers are still making coil or spring mattresses is that they are cheap both to buy and manufacture. The technology of coil mattress construction has not moved forward in a very long time: A mattress you buy today offers the same support as a mattress purchased new ten years ago.

However, choosing a mattress comes down to individual needs and preferences. My goal is to give you all of the facts on both sides, so that you’re in a good position to know whether you should be switching to foam.
Here are the advantages and disadvantages of coil versus foam mattresses:

Memory Foam MattressesBest Sellers in Memory Foam Mattresses


  • Manufacturers have many different technologies available to them, leading to much more choice for consumers. The system for rating a mattress’s relative firmness or softness is much more accurate for memory foam mattresses than it is for spring mattresses. Foam mattresses sometimes have different layers of foam, making it easier for you to get exactly what you need.
  • You can prevent shoulder, neck and back pain before it starts by switching to foam. Why wait until you’re already suffering?
  • If you do already have a problem with pain at night, switching to foam will help you feel better. Foam distributes the pressure more evenly, supporting all of the pressure points on your body.
  • In a way, a foam mattress is like having millions of microscopic “springs” that shape themselves to your contours and support your body effectively. It’s like purchasing a custom-tailored garment instead of something off the rack.
  • Compared to coil springs, foam mattresses have a much longer life, and come with much longer warranties. They are simply made of more durable materials.
  • If you buy a foam mattress with a CertiPur-US certificate, you’ll be helping to protect the environment as well.


  • The biggest drawback of foam is that it traps so much heat. However, manufacturers are getting better and better at addressing this problem. The 12-inch New Cool Breeze GEL from DynastyMattress has effectively solved this issue.
  • After you buy your new foam mattress, you may not be able to use it right away. Depending on its packaging, it might need to expand after you open it. Off-gassing can also produce an unpleasant smell in a new foam mattress.
  • Sadly, foam mattresses do cost more than spring coil. However, they last much longer if you take care of them, and also allow you to avoid some pain and suffering caused by more traditional mattresses.

Coil MattressesBest Sellers Spring Mattresses


  • First and foremost, they don’t cost very much. The manufacturing process is simple, making the end product relatively cheap.
  • You can use a spring mattress right away when you buy it. They don’t need to expand or off-gas.
  • Coil mattresses are well ventilated and will not cause you to feel too hot when you are trying to sleep.
  • Foam mattresses take time to conform to your body’s contours, which is not the case with coil mattresses. Some people prefer this, although most people have no trouble adjusting to the “breaking-in” period of foam. Also, new layering techniques with foam mattresses are making this problem disappear over time.


  • A coil mattress will not help your back pain and body aches. The springs just push back on to your pressure points with the same force that is applied by your weight.
  • The springs are too big to distribute your weight uniformly, so you end up with intense pressure points that can hurt your joints or spine. Foam supports these pressure points more effectively.
  • A ten year warranty is about the maximum available for a coil mattress. The design and materials used can even cause them to get saggy after only one or two years.
  • Spring mattresses have to be flipped and rotated frequently, unlike foam. This maintenance can be difficult or time-consuming, or you just may forget to do it and suffer the consequences.
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