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Red Nomad 10″ Luxury Memory Foam Mattress Review

There’s no worse feeling than sleeping badly at night. Even when you have nothing stressful planned for the day, sleep deprivation makes everything more difficult, and it can start to wear you down if it happens too often. Add the problem of neck or back pain to this, and you can get seriously grouchy.

I’ve had this experience myself, which led me to research and eventually buy myself a memory foam mattress. These articles on this website are intended to help other people in the same position, who may only be aware of top brands such as Tempur-Pedic that charge thousands of dollars for their products.

Not to detract from what the big brands offer, I wanted to acknowledge a few of the less well-known manufacturers who have worked hard to produce mattresses that offer similar benefits at a more affordable price. A mattress that allows you to sleep well at night doesn’t have to break the bank!

The 10-inch Luxury Memory Foam mattress from Red Nomad is one that deserves some attention. Keep reading to find out why this one may be a good replacement for the spring mattress you’re currently using.

What You Get

Layers -- Comfort and FeelThis 10-inch mattress is composed of two layers: 3 inches of ventilated low density memory foam on top, and 7 inches of polyurethane high density foam underneath. The top layer has a density of 2.5 pounds to provide comfort and airflow. The bamboo cotton cover is fully washable and also aids ventilation.

This model arrives in a hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite zip-off package, so you know the mattress is clean and allergen-free. Once opened, the mattress will take five to six hours to fully expand. At this point, memory foam mattresses often give off a chemical odor, but with this mattress the odor is very slight. You may not even notice it. The manufacturers deserve a lot of credit for this, because off-gassing is one of the biggest complaints people usually have about memory foam.


This mattress was designed to address the needs of chiropractic patients, properly supporting all of the body’s pressure points (the source of all those morning aches and pains). Many chiropractic patients have given this Red Nomad mattress a thumbs-up, but I still think you should talk to a medical professional if you are in this position before you buy a new mattress.

Having said that, this is undoubtedly a very comfortable mattress, fitting into the Goldilocks zone between too hard and too soft. It is plush without being too plush, and the high density layer means it gives you plenty of support. This combination of softness and support works well for stomach sleepers.

You may be wondering what kind of base to use with a mattress like this. A slat base may work for some people, but if you are heavier than average, the mattress may tend to bulge out between the gaps between the slats. In that case it would be better to consider another type of base.

A memory foam mattress will feel quite different from coil spring, so be prepared to take some time to adjust. The reason this feeling is so unfamiliar is that your body has probably never experienced this kind of proper support before.

Other Things to Consider

This mattress is of course CertiPUR-US approved, certifying that it has passed tests for durability, performance and low emissions.

If you’re worried about feeling too hot (a common consideration with memory foam), this model does better than many. Both the bamboo cotton outer cover and the upper memory foam layer help to avoid the excess heat build-up.


If you’ve had enough of your old coil mattress, but you’re unprepared to pay thousands for memory foam, this mattress may be the answer to your dilemma. For more information, check it out on Amazon – they were offering great deals when last I checked, and there are lots of positive customer reviews too!
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