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Coleman Quickbed Air Bed Review

Want a Comfortable Place to Sleep on Road Trips?

One of my friends works as a long-haul truck driver, and I don’t see him as often as I like. When he’s around, he often complains about back pain from sleeping in the cab of his truck. I wondered why he doesn’t stay in motels, but as a self-employed driver, he prefers to save his money rather than spend it on accommodation.

So, he parks at one of the many truck stops along his route and sleeps in the cab. There is a small space he crawls into at the end of a day of driving, but it isn’t very comfortable. This sleeping arrangement is really catching up with him, and you can tell how much pain he’s in just by seeing him walk.

Coleman Quickbed

One day when he was visiting me at home, I suddenly thought about the Coleman Quickbed that I sell in my shop. I remembered it because it doesn’t cost much, so it would be well within my trucker friend’s budget. Also, it’s very easy to pack away when not in use.

I decided to go ahead and tell him about this mattress and all the benefits he would experience from it (in addition to less back pain). This is what I said:

It’s Comfortable

Inside this mattress is a system of coils to support the body during sleep. The top is also plush, making it more comfortable overall.

It’s Easy to Use

Many customers have found that air mattresses are prone to leakage while they are being slept on. Coleman has addressed this issue with a leak-resistant double-lock inflation valve. The mattress is constructed using high-quality PVC to resist punctures. No need to worry about waking up to the disheartening hiss of air leaking out of the mattress! To inflate the air bed, you just need an external pump.

It’s easy to deflate the bed too, and attachments make it easy to wrap and roll the mattress for storage. Anybody who is on the road a lot and needs a portable bed can benefit from this Coleman product.


This Coleman air bed comes in king, queen and twin sizes, to suit almost anyone. Standard sheet sizes work with all of these mattress sizes, so there’s no need to buy special bedding.


If you need an air mattress and you have a limited budget, you really should take a look at this model. Some people have complained about leaking, but usually after using the mattress every day for a long time period. If you sleep on any air mattress every night and don’t deflate it for storage, you will of course need to top up the air sometimes. For more information, check out Amazon to see some great deals that are available right now. Don’t forget that the bigger sizes cost more than the smaller ones!

By the way, my truck driving friend took my advice and bought this air bed. He’s really happy that he did! He doesn’t have anywhere near as much pain now, and he’s thinking of getting another mattress so his son can come with him for a months-long road trip.

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