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Coleman Premium QuickBed Review

Visiting relatives? Bring your bed with you!

At first glance, you may think I’m advising you to offend your family members by taking your bed along when you visit them. There may even be some truth in this, based on a conversation I overheard in my store between a husband and wife.

I gathered that the woman in this couple was preparing for a visit at her in-laws’ house, and she was complaining that the bed in the guest room was bumpy and just too uncomfortable to sleep on. Her husband retorted that she constantly had negative things to say about his parents when they were visiting. At least, he said, this time she was only criticizing the bed, rather than his mother!

Naturally, I pretended that I’d heard nothing of this argument when I approached the customers to offer my help. I expect they saw through my act though, because right away I offered to show them the air beds that we had for sale. (In hindsight, maybe I could have been a bit more tactful.)

Coleman Premium Quickbed including Built-In Pump

In any case, they were both happy to look at the air mattress models we had in the store. I realized they probably needed a bed that they could both sleep on, so I showed them a queen size model: the Coleman Premium QuickBed, which includes a built-in pump. I thought this would be a good choice because comfort was obviously a major concern for them.

This air bed is among our best sellers. The lady’s first reaction was that she liked the look of the mattress, particularly its grey color. (Eye roll from the husband.) Ignoring this, I told them about the benefits that this bed had to offer them.


This bed uses the word “high” in its model description, and for good reason. Fully inflated, the bed is 18 inches high, just like a conventional mattress. At 60 inches in width and 78 inches in length, it can easily sleep two adults in comfort. The mattress is constructed with three layers, making you feel as if you’re sleeping on a regular mattress.

The mattress top is soft suede, so a pillow top is really not necessary. The sheets will not slip around as you sleep (something that is a pet peeve for many people when buying air beds.)

Inflating and Deflating are Easy

You don’t need to keep track of a hand or foot pump when you take this bed on the road! The electric pump is built right in and it will fully inflate the bed in four to six minutes without you having to give your legs a workout. The airtight valve is double-locked, so once the bed is inflated you won’t have to worry about leaks. Just be aware that the mattress may stretch a bit the first time you use it, and you may have to pump in a little more air to compensate for this.

Deflating the bed is as fast and simple as inflating it was. The air bed comes with a carrying bag that includes a zipper, so it’s easy to store and transport.


This air bed is reasonably priced, and it gives you more options when you visit friends and family who may not have enough beds for all their guests. To check out the price, or to see what other people thought about this product, check it out on Amazon. You will find great deals and plenty of five-star reviews!

So, what happened with the couple who were arguing in my store? They ended up buying this air bed, but I can’t imagine how they explained this decision to bring a bed of their own to the husband’s parents!

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