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Coleman 4 in 1 Quickbed Review

Multipurpose – Even works for slumber parties!

I come from a big family and all of us have kids. If you feel like you’re kids are always asking friends to sleep over, then I know how you feel. As much fun as it is for the kids, it can end up being a lot of work and hassle for the parents when a horde of excited kids descend on your house. You need to feed them and provide snacks and movies to watch, and then you need to provide everyone with a place to sleep (in case they get around to that!)

Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed

That is why I chose this 4-in-1 bed to review. At least when it comes to finding everyone a place to sleep, this bed can solve all of your sleepover problems.

There’s a reason this bed is known as the 4-in-1. You can use it as four different beds: as a double-height single bed; as a pair of twin beds, or as a king bed. This flexibility is really helpful when you have a lot of people to make arrangements for.

Besides this convenient 4-in-1 feature, there are more advantages to choosing this bed.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

The manufacturer has designed this mattress to be very simple to assemble. For a king size bed, just zip the two sides together. To make a double-height bed, simply stack the mattresses and clip them together with the provided clip ties.

It’s easy to inflate these beds too. The biggest potential drawback of using air beds is that they can leak. When you use a manual pump to fill a mattress, there is a possibility of losing air as soon as you disconnect the pump.

With this bed it’s not a problem! The valve has a unique double lock which prevents air from escaping when you take the pump away from the valve, as well as while you are sleeping.

This model keeps its air for as much as 30 percent longer than comparable mattresses that are available.

When you want to deflate the mattress, the double-wide valve makes it just as quick to empty as it was to fill.

Comfort and Durability

The internal structure of the mattress includes lots of coils so that it holds its shape as well as feeling comfortable. It also stands up surprisingly well to bouncing and pillow fights! The top surface has a soft suede finish that feels luxurious and prevents sticking (if you don’t use bedding) or slipping.


This is also as easy as can be. After deflating the mattresses, just use the Wrap N Roll system (included) that allows you to pack up the bed in a matter of minutes. It is compact and easy to stow away until you need it again.


Coleman deserves credit for this product. Although it offers a wide variety of features, it really doesn’t cost very much. To save even more money off the list price, check it out on Amazon. I couldn’t believe the deals they were offering when I recently took a look.

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