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Best Raised Queen Air Mattress – AeroBed Comfort Anywhere Review

The Solution to your Guestroom Problems

Recently when I was talking to my brother, it was clear that he was feeling a bit stressed. He and his wife had just purchased their first home together, and they’d spent LOTS of money redecorating exactly to his (actually his wife’s) taste. They were starting to go over budget and still had more furniture to buy.

My brother has always been careful with money, and wasn’t willing to go into debt over this. The guestroom was that last item on their priority list, and there just wasn’t enough money left for a bed. The two of them were proud of their new home and anxious to invite guests to come and stay.

AeroBed Comfort Anywhere Air Mattress

They wanted to buy a queen-sized bed so that couples could sleep comfortably, and they had enough space for one. But a bed can get pretty expensive, especially if you include the base, headboard and all.

Luckily I was ready with some brotherly advice. I told them about the Comfort Anywhere 18-inch Air Mattress from AeroBed, complete with headboard. At first he doubted me – like many people, he wasn’t familiar with airbeds that come with headboards. I had one in my store, so I was able to show him.

Here’s what I said:

It’s Comfortable

This airbed is designed to feel and look like a traditional bed with a mattress on a base when it is fully inflated. The bed is tall enough to allow you to sit the mattress like you would on a standard bed. Getting into and out is easy even for older people. The headboard gives the perfect amount of support, as well as keeping your pillows in place while you sleep. This bed also takes standard sheet sizes, so you don’t have to worry about buying special bedding.

It’s Durable

The mattress is made of a sturdy thermoplastic that is resistant to punctures. On the bottom and top it’s made of 24 gauge plastic, with 20 gauge plastic on the middle section. This construction means stability and comfort. Rings for stability have also been added all around the bed’s edge, giving it the feel of a normal bed.

It’s easy to inflate

You may be skeptical, but manufacturers really do listen when customers give feedback about products. AeroBed has heard many complaints about the difficulty of inflating mattresses with manual pumps, and they have included a built-in AC pump on this model. Just plug in the pump, set it to the firmness level you want, and it does the all the work.

Deflating is easy too!

All you need to do is open the valve up, and you can deflate the mattress as fast as you inflated it. (Inflation and deflation usually take around four minutes.) After all of the air is out, you just roll up the mattress and put it into the storage bag that comes with your purchase.

How did my brother like it?

This bed worked really well for him. His wife took a bit of convincing before she was willing to give it a chance, but as soon as she saw the bed inflated and with bedding in place, she was ready to try it. It’s a bit pricier than some inflatable beds, but not nearly as expensive as a conventional bed.

If you are trying to put together an inviting guestroom on a budget, head over to Amazon and see what other customers have said. You may even be able to find some really good prices too!

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