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Best Air Mattress Overall – SoundAsleep Dream Series Review

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As I mentioned before, I work in the camping gear business, so I’m no stranger to helping people sleep well at night. I created this site to share some of what I’ve learned, so that you can sleep well whether you are camping, traveling or just visiting family or friends.

Best Air Mattress Overall - SoundAsleep Dream Series Review

SoundAsleep Dream Series

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Because of my career, I always stay up-t0-date on any new air bed products and technologies that enter the market. So, when the Sound Asleep Dream Series came to my attention, of course I had to write a review of it!

You may not be an easy customer to please, and you may be skeptical about what an air bed can offer in terms of quality, but I think you’ll be convinced when you read my review (at least I hope so). Here’s why I think highly enough of this mattress to publicly declare that it’s the “best overall”.

It Feels Like a Genuine Mattress

For sure many of you are now feeling pretty skeptical about this claim, particularly if you’ve been disappointed with air beds in the past. I promise you that I have no reason to mislead you, as it doesn’t do me any good (it even does a lot of harm) to recommend products to customers that they won’t be happy with.

So how is this air bed able to feel like an ordinary mattress? Here’s how they do it: SoundAsleep Comfort Coil Technologythe mattress uses an innovation known as Comfort Coil Technology, the most highly-advanced manufacturing technique on the market. In this review I’m talking about the Queen Size, which contains 40 coils distributed evenly throughout the mattress’s internal structure.

All of these air coils help the mattress hold its shape (a big issue for many customers). More importantly, the coils make the surface of the mattress completely flat. Instead of finding yourself constantly rolling into the middle, you will stay where you are. If you share a bed with someone, you will not be constantly colliding with each other as you sleep, but will be able to stay on your side of the mattress.


Do you often have guests staying at your house? Or maybe you’re an avid camper or even just prefer to bring your own mattress when you visit family or friends. If so, your air bed will get a lot of use and needs to be sturdy enough to stand up to frequent use over time.

The Sound Asleep Dream Series meets this requirement too. The flocked 15-gauge mattress top has multiple layers and resists punctures. If you have a cat that likes to leap onto the bed claws-first, you won’t have to hear the disheartening hiss of escaping air from the mattress. You can use regular queen-sized linens with this mattress, but the mattress top is so soft that it won’t even matter if you can’t find sheets that fit it. On top of all that, the cover is also waterproof.

What About Sagging?

Airbeds are often prone to sagging, especially if you use them a lot. Fortunately, this mattress is the exception. Because of the materials the manufacturers use, it may be slept on continuously for 2 months with no sagging issues. In addition to maintaining shape, the Comfort Coil technology prevents bumps and lumps from forming, an added bonus for sleepers who tend to stay in one position while they sleep.

Overall Comfort and User-Friendliness

When you’re tired and racing to set up your campsite ahead of nightfall or bad weather, you would rather not be struggling to set up your bed. This air bed includes a built-in EZ-Pump that makes use of patented technology. It’s worth mentioning that this particular pump is 20 percent less noisy than others that are available, as well as taking only 4 minutes to completely inflate your mattress.

You also don’t want to spend your night sliding around the floor. This mattress has a sure-grip textured bottom using suction to keep the bed right where you placed it initially. This feature also scores points for user-friendliness.

If you plan to travel with this mattress instead of camping with it, you should know that it includes a customized travel bag that makes it quite easy to transport. This bag is great for storing the mattress when not in use as well.

Your Turn

I really wanted to balance this review by talking about some of the drawbacks of this mattress, but I honestly couldn’t find any! It’s easy to inflate and use, it feels like a real bed, and it takes advantage of the most cutting edge technology available. On top of all that, the cost won’t keep you awake at night.

The price is listed at $200, but you can find better deals and learn more about this product by checking it out on Amazon. I’m choosy about the products I recommend on my site, but I have no doubt that you’ll be happy with this one!

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