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Best Air Mattress for Kids – AeroBed Sleep Tight Review

When it comes to toddlers not being able to sleep at night, I feel like I’m something of an expert. Like most parents, I’ve been there many times! I get lots of customers who want to be able to sleep in comfort while they camp, and I can usually find something that works for them.

One couple came to see me a while back for this very reason. They were happy with the options I showed them, but I couldn’t help overhearing them talking about where their toddler would be staying while they went on holidays. I asked why they weren’t taking the child along with them. They stared at me in horror, making me wish I’d kept my mouth shut.

AeroBed Sleep Tight

After she got over the shock, the mother said that they had plenty of trouble getting the child to sleep through the night in her own bed, and couldn’t imagine trying to get her to sleep in a camping bed!

Then she confided that they really wished they could bring the little girl with them, but they felt it was just impossible.

Then I remembered the AeroBed inflatable Sleep Tight mattress for children, and decided I would tell them about it.

They were interested in it right away. This is why:

Made Especially for Kids

This bed was specifically designed and manufactured for kids, so the dimensions are 25 by 50 inches. The best feature in this mattress is definitely the safety barrier surrounding it. There is a four-inch tall cushioned barrier all the way around the edge of the mattress. If your toddler rolls over in the night, she will not fall on the floor, saving everyone a lot of tears and drama. The barrier is tall enough that even the more acrobatic sleepers won’t be likely to fall out of bed. Your child will feel secure. The purchase also includes a sturdy fitted washable sheet that’s decorated with moons and stars, making it a fun and appealing place to sleep at night.


When you’re dealing with small children you really want a product that can take a lot of punishment. (How can such tiny people be so strong?) The manufacturers have taken this into account and have used heavy-duty PVC Plus in the construction of this bed. All the seams have been welded electronically to withstand the force of children jumping on the mattress. (Of course they’re going to do that, as soon as your back is turned.) The PVC is also easy to wipe clean after accidents and spills.

Set-Up and Storage

Looking after a toddler and setting up a campsite are difficult enough tasks, so you’ll be glad to hear that setting up the air bed is a breeze. The mattress comes with its own AC pump, which will fully inflate the bed in only one minute. Deflating is just as easy and quick. Once all the air is out, just fold the mattress up and store it in its carry bag (included).


If you have a young family and you’re ready to start traveling and adventuring together, now you can do it without worrying about your child being uncomfortable or unsafe while sleeping. This air bed is everything you’re looking for, and it’s even reasonably priced. To get the best deals, check out Amazon and see what is available. I have found some really great deals that way, and you can too.

Now you can start camping with the kids, and you won’t have to worry about having cranky, sleep-deprived children for the whole trip!

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