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5 Tips for How to Maintain and Clean Your Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are great investments and rightly so. They can help you sleep better, reduce tossing and turning and even ease your back pain. Your body has never felt better. It’s really worth taking a few minutes to keep your mattresses functioning at their best because about a third of our lives are spent on sleeping. The good news is that maintaining them is as easy as sleeping on them. Here are some tips for keeping your mattress in tip-top shape!


Pets are like family and often sleep at the foot of the bed, beside you or even on you. Fur, drool and uninvited guests like fleas are often left behind them. Remember that, the vacuum is one of the easiest methods to remove pet hair, dust, dead skin cells and anything yucky on your mattress. Try to use a handheld vacuum, instead of your big bulky machine, to clean the spots which are hard to reach.


Cleaning Tips (The Simple Quick Mattress Stain and Odour Solutions You Should Know)

  Get  Your  Cleaning  Tips

Don’t use commercial products which include harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia if you get a stain on your memory foam mattress. Instead attack the stain with a little bit of diluted mild detergent such as dishwashing liquid, and a wash cloth. Rub the stain using a circular motion from the outermost part of it towards the interior.

To absorb the moisture, you can lightly sprinkle some baking soda on the wet spot and let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes. You will find a clump of baking soda when it’s worked its magic. This will give your memory foam mattress a bright and fresh smell. The last step is to remove the baking soda with your handheld vacuum. Baking soda also works on odors and liquid which is spilled on your mattress by kids or pets, such as your sweet tea knocked over by your dog’s wagging tail.

Place it in the sun

Place your memory foam mattress in direct sunlight can disinfect it naturally. This will help dry the foam conveniently and keep moisture from getting trapped and generating allergens and mold.

Rotate or flip it

Rotate the mattress, so the head becomes the foot. Next season, flip it over. The following seasons go the same way. You won’t be able to flip your mattress over if it’s designed to be used only on one side. So just keep rotating it. These mattress acrobatics will extend your mattress lifespan since it will wear evenly. Your mattress could even be free of sagging which comes from sleeping in the same spot constantly.

Final trick

When we make up our bed, I’d like to tuck an all-natural sachet, which is filled with lavender buds, under our sheets. It absorbs odors and imparts a pleasant fragrance.

Your relationship with your memory foam mattress can be long and beneficial with proper care and maintenance. While in bed, what is the worst thing you have ever spilled?what do you need for maintaining and cleaning Your Memory Foam Mattress

Things You Need:

  • Handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Wash cloth
  • Baking soda

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5 Tips for How to Maintain and Clean Your Memory Foam Mattress

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